President Message

Tourism is the key for Nepal's Prosperity. Moreover Adventure, Mountain, Environment, Culture and Sport Tourism.

That is the region where we lie, where you lie and our promises, practices and campaigns also lies. Yes, that is Mountain Sports Federation - Nepal

We have a dream to make Nepal a Asian hub for  Adventure, Mountain and Tourism sports. 

Will you join us to make this dream come true?

Govinda Bhattarai, Chairperson 
Mountain Sports Federation Nepal


Mountain Sports and Nature Conservation 

Nepal is known as a mountain country of the world. It has a peculiar identity of mountain  in other hand Nepal also known as a adventurous place with different kind of nature and conservation all  over  the world .Nepal has a lot of opportunity to development of nature and adventurous Sports. I  heard , recently formed a mountain sports federation with Slogan of ……… For Nature and Adventurous .Registered in  National  Sports Council of Nepal .I hope with its slogan can proof and see the good future of federation .For sustainable development , sports  tourism it can pay the vital role as well as nature cure. At last I congratulate to Mountain Sport federation for the conduct and development of Adventure and tourism Sports in Nepal as well as can be hub for Himalayan Region.

Dr. Siddharth  Bajrachharya ,Executive Officer
 National Trust for Nature Conservation


I made a world tour via Bicycle and visited to various culture, adventure places  but Nepal is so naturally beauti with unlimited adventure places. Mountain Sports Federation will be success to develop and promote the Mountain sports and expose the various adventurous sports in the world.

Puskar Shah, World Cyclist & Everest Summiter:



Thank you for the corporate initiation. It is essential to lead and manage Mountain Sports Federation  in a scientific way in the days ahead. The Tourism Industry of Nepal has taken this imitation positively. It is known truth that Sports tourism will be the essential part of Tourism in the days ahead. My best wishes are there for Mountain Sports Federation .I hope the Mountain Sports Federation will be achieve the Adventures sports as well as the sports tourism.

Suman Pandey, Tourism Specialist